February 16, 2021 3 min read

How to Embrace Your Personality With a Colorful Wedding Band

While women's wedding rings have been around since Neanderthal times, men's wedding bands are a relatively new concept. It was not until WW2 where men wanted to carry something to remind them of their loved ones while away at work, did they become popular. And then, solid gold was the only option, and the man was usually a perfect match of his wife's.

But not anymore, it's 2020, and the future is here. Men and women now have a wide range of rings t choose from, from a range of materials. If you want your wedding ring to have a wow-factor, then adding a bit of color is a great choice. Your wedding ring will be with you for the rest of your life, and it is a window to your personality, if you are a vibrant and interesting person, you want a ring to match.

At Rings by Lux, we keep our rings classy and elegant while still being wonderful and unique. We add a splash of color through an inlay of either turquoise, opal, or abalone, which is then framed by reclaimed wood and strong metals. The perfect combination of comfort, durability, sophistication, and color. All of this and our rings are also eco-friendly.

The colored inlays not only look great but they also each come with their own special meaning. Here, each one is listed with a description of its unique properties. You may have decided that you want color but be unsure of what to pick; this blog is for you.


Turquoise is a treasured gemstone, and for a large portion of history, it was considered to be more valuable than gold. It can even be found on the mask of the accident Egyptian King Tutankhamun, as well as sacred Persian ornaments and Aztec masks.

Turquoise is said to have purification properties, dispelling negative energy and protecting people from outside pollutants and influence, which seems more important than ever. It also has to balance properties and helps to align the chakras and encourage intuition, innovation, and inner calm.

Turquoise is a beautiful mineral that has inspired people throughout the ages. It is thought to have many special properties, which make it a wonderful thing to be able to carry with you daily.

Furthermore, it is a great material for a wedding band as it is also said to be a symbol of friendship with the ability to stimulate romantic love.


In aborigine legends, the creator of the universe came down to earth on a rainbow, and where his feet touched the ground, it absorbed all of the colors and formed opals.

Ancient Greeks and Romans were also inspired by opals and named it the 'cupid stone; because of the seductive colors, that were thought to encourage love.

Opal even amazes modern scientists and has even been found on Mars, which could be evidence of ancient life on the red planet!


Abalone is a sea snail whose shell comes in a range of beautiful colors. They were harvested by Native Americans for centuries for their healing and protective properties, as well as their beauty.

Abalone connects the wearer to the tides of the ocean and is said to calm nerves and encourage stability while protecting from harmful energy and thoughts. It also opens emotional pathways, allowing expression and understanding. It is even claimed to help physical health, strengthening muscles, the immune system, and relieving joint pain.

The best part? With every Abalone ring, we donate to the Turtle Rescue Movement and an ocean cleanup foundation.

The Color Blue

Turquoise, opal, and abalone are all beautiful shades of blue and green. We think that this is a fantastic choice for your wedding ring because it is timeless, it goes with everything, and it is most people's favorite color. The color of the sky and the sea are associated with depth and stability, which mirrors the love you have for your partner. It is even said to symbolize trust, wisdom, and faith.

But perhaps the most impressive thing is the nature of the color blue. Prominent on earth, but rare in nature, blue is not really a pigment in nature, and animals and plants have to play tricks on our eyes to appear blue. Blue is usually achieved by making structures that change the wavelength of light.


We believe that all of our rings are beautiful. If you would like a colored ring and are unsure which to choose, then consider the meanings and histories and decipher which one appeals to you. Whatever you choose, the real meaning comes from you, and it will only increase in significance the longer you wear it.