Wood Wedding Rings

Wooden wedding rings are formed using materials from the heart of the forest. Mighty trees have a history; they have a heart and soul. Every single tree that grows in a forest has fought for its place there, battling for sunlight and nutrients against its brethren. When one of these trees falls, it leaves behind a legacy, one that we can impart into our wooden rings by utilizing the unique patterns and textures found in the wood.

Combining the heart and soul of these mighty trees with the emotional journey you are undertaking with your loved one, gives each and every one of our wood wedding rings their own history. It is then down to you to provide the ring with a future, allowing the heart and spirit of the tree to live on.

This makes handcrafted wooden rings the perfect wedding ring choice for those who are a bit more eco-conscious than the norm, as well as those who love everything organic and natural.

At Rings by Lux, we are immensely proud of the handcrafted wood wedding bands that we produce. We are committed to the environment, which is evident through our ethical approach to woodworking. This ethical approach means we only use eco-responsible sourced wood. We only timber that has fallen naturally or has been salvaged from historical buildings or managed plantations.

We use a combination of elements found naturally across the country. This combination of nature and your individual story is what gives our rings their charm and appeal.

In our wooden ring collection, you will find some of our favorite designs. These should help you with your inspiration.


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