Caring For Your Ring

Ring Care

One of the major goals of our ring construction has always been to create rings using natural materials, while still letting people wear them without a special instructions manual. We have accomplished this, and as a result, we do not have any special care instructions for the ring, but if you are in water for long periods of time, it is probably a good idea to take it off.  Other than that, live your life!

A lot of people also ask how to treat the wood on our inner inlay rings.  Well, this is actually cool how this works.  The natural oils from your fingers really keep the wood seasoned, and protected 24/7.  Prolonged exposure to water or chemicals have the ability to dry it out, but if you notice anything like that, we suggest a light coating of butcher block oil overnight while off the finger.  Then in the morning, wipe it off with a towel, and you are good to go.