Damascus Steel Rings

Discover our beautiful collection of captivating Damascus Rings. Damascus steel is inspired by ancient techniques that were used to make a material that was unparalleled in its beauty and strength.

Our remarkable collection is made with the utmost care and precision. Being handmade and created with natural materials, each piece is unique. They are also made with recycled or reclaimed materials, making them kind to the planet.

Couples choose Damascus steel rings for their unique and beautiful design, the rich and inspiring history of the material, the durability, and the affordable price. Each one is made by heating and folding steal over and over. Not only does this make it sturdy, but it also creates a swirled wave-like pattern.

Strong, beautiful, and wise, does that sound like the right ring for you?

Lux is a small business dedicated to customer care. We understand the importance of finding a wedding ring that has been specially created with love and care. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


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History of Damascus Steel

The history of Damascus steel is long and mysterious. Wootz steel was first made by blacksmiths in modern-day India and Sir Lanka to make swords, the superior quality of their weapons was unrivaled. At the time, the material was an astonishing achievement. The wavey water appearance stood out and was admired by people for its beauty as well as its strength. They were then sold in Damascus, the capital of Syria, and gained a new name.

The material inspired many legends, including the Damascus blades cutting through a rifle barrel or the middle of a hair as it fell across the blade edge. It is also thought to have inspired many modern writers and artists such as George R. R. Martin in Game of Thrones. The fictitious Valyrian steel is considered Damascus steel, but with a magic twist.

The secrets of how to make Damascus steel were closely guarded, and eventually, the methods were lost. Scientists have discovered many of the elements of Damascus steel, such as nanowire, carbon nanotubes, superplasticity, and exotic microalloying. We can now create these characteristics and make something very close to the accident material. However, the mystery remains as to how such an advanced material could have been made as far back as 900 AD.

Damascus Steel Wedding Rings

A Damascus ring is an excellent choice for your wedding band. They are not yet as common as other ring styles on the market, so that yours will stand out from the rest. The unique patterns and strength that were once considered to have magical properties could also be a perfect match for a ring that you can wear with pride, perhaps for the rest of your life.

Secondly, our Damascus rings are of the highest quality, offering a level of durability and strength that is not found in many other materials. A material that once impressed the Vikings is sure to impress you. Although you probably won't be using the ring to slay your enemies, you will be working and living your life, and you want a ring that will stand the test of time.

Furthermore, there is something primal and manly about them. The history, routed in weapons and glory, elevates it from a precious metal to a warrior metal. It emanates power and strength, does that resonate with you?

What is Used to Make A Damascus Steel Ring Today?

Damascus steel wedding rings are hand made from two kinds of stainless steel, 302 and AEB-L. Rings are made by a master craftsman who slowly heats, twists, folds, and bonds the layers of metal to create vivid and unique patterns. There can be up to 100 layers of metal in each Damascus wedding band, and no two will be exactly alike.

Our ring makers fold and weld the metals to create the same wavy water pattern that was admired in ancient swords—adding things like Nickel for hardness and Chromium for shine. Although the process today is slightly different, it still matches the same strength and quality and produces a look that is parallel to traditional materials.

Wooden Inlay

True to Lux style, we create Damascus rings with a wooden inlay. The Damascus steel guarantees that no two wedding bands are the same due to its natural design. While the wooden inlay is used to create a breath-taking and unique piece of art, we use white oak wood that has been recycled from whiskey barrels. This high-quality wood is rich in natural color and patterns and is exceedingly strong. Making it a perfect match for the ancient steel.

Wear and Care

Damascus rings are made with stainless steel, which contains Nickel. The delicate process we use to create Damascus rings makes it twice as hard as Titanium. They are also scratch-resistant, and while they may wear over time, the unique patterns hide it much better than other types of wedding bands.

They do not require any special care. However, if you need to clean it, you can do so with soapy water using a cloth or a toothbrush to get into all the little groves.

Will My Damascus Wedding Band Rust?

Our Damascus wedding bands are made from high-quality steel that will not rust. Many others on the market could rust due to the materials or chemicals used in the making process. However, we work with experts to ensure the highest quality product.

Advantages of Damascus Steel Rings

One of the most distinctive things about Damascus steel is its rich history. It is also durable and will stand the test of time. There are historic swords made from Damascus metal that date back centuries and are in amazing condition.

Some wedding bands require routine patience and professional cleaning. Damascus rings require minimal upkeep, and cleaning can be gone done from home with just soap and water. Furthermore, the materials are eco-friendly, and so is the production.

Finally, if you were ever in a position where you had to get the ring removed, such as if your finger grows larger then is comfortable, then it can be cut off.

Disadvantages of Damascus Steel

There are not many disadvantages to this material that has inspired generations of people across the world. However, probably the biggest one is that because of its durability, it cannot be resized.

Furthermore, Damascus steel does not respond well to chlorine, so if you are swimming in a pool, then you should remove it.

Finally, it contains Nickel, and therefore if you have an allergy to Nickle, then you will need to opt for a different collection.

Ring Sizing

We recommend that to ensure the best possible size, you have your finger measured at least twice. Ring sizing is an art; some people prefer a closer fit, so the ring cannot move around, while others prefer it to be loose. Damascus steel cannot be resized, so it is important to get it right. If you do have any problems, then do contact us and we will do our best to make adjustments.

Why Choose Lux?

Choosing a ring created by Lux is a great choice. We are a small family business that creates all of our rings with love and care. We are truly passionate about what we do and the satisfaction of our customers.

We care about our craft and our customers, but also the Earth itself. We only used ethically sourced materials that have been recycled or reclaimed. Therefore, you can wear your ring with pride and admiration for its beauty.