Guitar String Rings

For a long time, wedding rings have been boring, uninspired bands of metal that often fail to capture the personality of the wearer. In recent years we have seen a shift in attitudes. People are straying away from the traditional solid band of silver or gold and purchasing rings with more soul and heart.

One type of ring that is becoming extremely popular is the guitar string ring. Designed to appeal to music lovers around the world, this is a great way for you to combine your passion for music with your love for your partner. For those that want a ring that is unique and individual to them, this is the perfect ring.


Our Collection


Hammered Rings With Guitar Strings

Our hammered ring collection has a special charm. They are made with subtle tones that have a traditional feel, and yet the unusual textures give them a special quirky edge.

Our hammered rings start as a bar of precious metal, which is then milled to shape and hammered to create an individual texture on the outer surface. We then polish it to create a finished and elegant look.

Our workshop has over 200 different types of hammer that are used by our experts to create unique textures and patterns by using a method passed down over generations by our specialist smiths.

A hammered ring with a guitar string is particularly distinctive and is sure to carry a special significance for those who opt for this design.

Guitar String Rings with Whiskey Barrel Wood

Distilling whiskey is a process that has been passed down through the generations, and each aged whiskey is a little different. Whiskey barrels are made from American White Oak, which is then charred, which gives it its unique color.

For every wedding band that contains whiskey barrel wood, there is a unique history and story, from the aging of the alcohol and the charring of the wood. Whiskey rings are durable and lightweight too, which makes a nice change from the heavy and unwieldy silver bands that have become a common tradition around the world.

If whiskey and music are your passions, then this is the ring for you.

Guitar Ring With Hawaiian Koa Wood

Koa is highly valued, partially because it grows in Hawaii and nowhere else, and much of it is on protected land and cannot be harvested. These huge trees can grow up to 6,000 feet fall and are considered to be one of the most beautiful native Hawaiian trees.

As you walk past Koa Wood, it is like a hologram. It moves between light gold, a rich purple, scarlet, orange, and chocolate. It is outrageously beautiful and is often associated with the sun.

All of this makes it a great material for rings, if you like to feel close to nature, and love the sounds of trees moving in the winds; then this ring is for you. Wear a little bit of the passion of the Hawaiian isles on your finger, and feel the sea breeze running through your soul.

And remember that all of our wood is from recycled or reclaimed materials.

Will a Guitar Strings Ring Last?

All of our rings are made to last. Many people use our rings as wedding bands, and therefore the quality is imperative. They need to stand the wear and tear of daily life and last for generations. We strengthen all of our rings and cover them in resin, so your guitar string ring will be durable and strong. Play guitar, jump into a mosh-pit, dance all night, your ring can take it.

No special care is required either and to clean your wedding band we suggest nothing but soapy water.

Ring Size

For the perfect moment, you don't want to be thinking about whether or not the ring fits, you want to be able to open your ring box, and it fit straight away. That is why we always recommend that you get your ring finger measured twice, each on a different day in order to make sure the reading isn't false. Lots of factors can affect the size of your fingers, from water weight to heat.

You will also need to decide what type of fit you want. Everyone has a different preference. Some like it tight, and some prefer it to be a little looser. Whatever is the most comfortable for you.

We will always do our best to correct any rings that you order that don't fit, there will, however, be a small shipping charge to return it, and the process can take a while. For this reason, we highly recommend you take every precaution to get it right the first time around. We don't want you to part ways with your special ring the second after you receive it after all.

Rings by Lux

Here at Lux, we have been creating rings for a long time now. We have an unrivaled attention to detail and a genuine passion for seeing the smiles on our customer's faces.

We don't just care about our customers; however, we also care about our planet and the world that we live in. This is why we guarantee that we will look to use ethically sourced materials and like naturally shed antlers and reclaimed wood in our products.

Using reclaimed woods and ethical materials has more than one benefit too. Not only do they help the planet, but they also look fantastic too. Our quirky and individual designs range from the personal passion found in one of each and every guitar string ring to the aged layers of whiskey barrels that we use to inlay our rings.

We take the stress out of choosing a wedding ring by providing something high-quality, beautiful, and affordable. We love to hear from our customers, and our team of experts can offer advice and help you to make the right choice on a piece of jewelry that will be treasured and held close to someone's heart forever.