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Opal has inspired legends across the world. According to aborigines, the creator of the universe traveled down to Earth on a rainbow, and where he stood, the stones absorbed all of the colors of the rainbow to create opals. Early Greeks and Romans named it the 'cupid stone; because of its seductive colors that were thought to inspire passion and love. This gemstone has inspired people throughout history across the globe, and they continue to amaze us. In 2008 they were found on mars, making them one of the few gems to have been found outside of Earth.

Scientifically the formation is just as magical as the old legends suggest. Rainwater seeps down sedimentary rocks and settles deep in underground crevices. The water then evaporates in the dry climate of Australia and leaves behind deposits of silica that transform into opals.

Our Opal rings combine ethically sourced Opal, wood, rose gold, and tungsten to create a piece of jewelry that is as beautiful as it is strong. On either side of the Opal, we put an inlay of wood, sourced from whiskey barrels. This creates an elegant and balanced look between the shimmering blue center and the textured deep brown of the wood. The inlays are made from natural materials, making each one unique and striking in a way that can only be achieved by using elements from the Earth. Opal and wood convey warm tropical vibes, beauty, and commitment and love to your partner.


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Opal Wedding Rings

We use blue Opal to create a striking inlay that shines blue and green, with unique details and colors becoming more prominent in different lights. Its colors are associated with galaxies, volcanoes, and fireworks. This gives it the wow factor that everyone wants in their wedding ring.

Photos cannot justify the shimmering green and blue Opal. It's no wonder that Opal has such a fascinating history both in the formation of the gemstone and in how people have viewed it throughout the ages. With Opal rings, you are sure to have something which inspires wonder in you every time you look at it.

Opal and Wood Wedding Rings

On either side of our opal inlay is an inlay created with wood sourced from whiskey barrels. These natural materials are a perfect match when it comes to creating eye-catching jewelry.

The inlays are then precisely framed by tungsten, which can then be plated in rose gold. Tungsten is robust and is designed to last a lifetime and is harder than titanium or platinum. It is waterproof, scratch-resistant, and hypoallergenic. We then seal our rings with strong enamel to ensure that our jewelry is durable and long-lasting.

By combining these materials, we create something comfortable that stands out on your wedding day but is also comfortable and resilient for daily wear.

The Strength of Opal and How to Care for Your Ring

When Opal is formed, around 20 to 30 percent of the water becomes trapped, which makes them delicate and vulnerable to a dramatic change in temperature. This means that special care needs to be taken when working with this material. Nevertheless, the mysterious colors and hypnotic diffraction of light enchant many people from around the globe.

Although Opal is a delicate material, no special care is required for our opal jewelry. This is because we protect our jewelry with enamel and place our inlays within some of the strongest materials on the planet. That means that you can wear your opal ring every day and even wear it when you shower or do the dishes. To clean it, simply use warm soapy water, and if you really want to get into all the nooks and crannies, then we recommend using a toothbrush.

Ring Size

We recommend having your finger measured at least twice to ensure the perfect fit. You should also consider if you would like it to sit tight or loose on your finger. If you do have any problems with your final piece of jewelry, contact us, and we will do our very best to make it perfect for you.

What do Opals Symbolize?

There are not many gemstones that have such rich folklore as Opal. Throughout history, it has been considered a powerful stone, aiding in creativity, and mystical vision.

The aboriginal tribes believe that it was formed when the creator of Dreamtime came to Earth. Dreamtime was used to describe the relationship between the spiritual, natural, and moral. After gifting the world with Opal, the creator told humanity of hope for eternal peace.

The Romans believed rings with Opal represented hope, purity, and fidelity. The Greeks, on the other hand, thought that Opal could foretell the future. Even as far as East Asia, it was revered as a sacred stone.

The name Opal comes from the Latin word 'opalus' and the Sanskrit word 'upla.' Both have the same meaning - a precious stone. The Indonesian name for Opal is 'kalimaya,' which translates to the 'river of illusion.'

Today Opals are still believed by many people to be a symbol of hope and have been worn to improve eyesight, memory, and cure depression. Opal, and rose gold are also also used by artists to inspire creativity and imagination. Many believe it to heal and guide you in times of change, transformation, and growth.

Whatever you believe, opal jewelry is as mystical as it is beautiful. With one of our opal rings, you will be wearing something that has been gifted to the Earth and carries special energy.

Rings By Lux

The customer is at the heart of everything to do. We love to create opal rings that will be adored and cherished throughout someone's life. Therefore, we put the utmost care into every piece of jewelry that we make. Our Earth is also important to us, and all of our materials are recycled or repurposed.

We would love to hear from you, so get in touch if you would like help picking a ring or have any questions. If you are searching for opal jewelry that is created with love and care, then search no further.