Abalone rings

Discover our incredible collection of brilliant and enchanting Abalone Rings. Abalone naturally comes in a range of incredible blues and greens that shine spectacularly when reflecting the natural light. This is due to complex layers of minute layers inside the material.

The Abalone rings in our shop are meticulously designed before being handcrafted in our workshop. Made with a mix of recycled whiskey barrels and tungsten, the hypnotizing color found in our rings makes them the perfect gift for a loved one or yourself. What's more, with every single purchase of an Abalone metal ring, we donate a portion of the proceeds to both a Turtle Rescue movement and an ocean cleanup foundation.

Help the planet, and look fabulous at the same time. Go on. You deserve it.


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What is Abalone Stone?

Abalone based jewelry allows the wearer to be connected to nature. Harvested by Native American's for hundreds of years, for their beauty, as well as their healing, and protective properties. Formed over thousands of years, Abalone is found in the exoskeleton of a sea creature very similar to both the snail and oyster.

Due to their shape, Abalones have earned themselves the nickname "Sea Ears." Designated a mollusk by marine biologists, they are found natively off the coast of Japan, North America, and Australia.

Technically, Abalone is not actually a stone, but the shell of the creature itself, which is then crafted into a ring or piece of jewelry. Their flat one-sided shells are much more durable than those typically found on other mollusks. This is because calcium carbonate builds up on the outside of the creature's shell. This extra layer makes them much less prone to shattering.

From the outside, Abalones look unremarkable, which is a complete contrast to what you find on the inside. Inside an Abalones shell, you will find a mix of bright blues, greens, and turquoise. Every Abelone has a new different combination of these colors, which is one of the reasons they make eye-catching and unique jewelry.

Abalone Stone Properties & Meaning

Abalone stones are not just pretty accessory items. Throughout history, they have been used for their supposed spiritual and healing properties. This also makes them a great wedding ring choice that can provide protection and healing for someone for the rest of their life. Here are some of the benefits of wearing them.


Abalones are said to help the wearer connect with the emotional tides of the ocean. A ring containing this material could bring you stability during trying times and will allow you to calm your nerves, even under stressful situations.

A connection to the ocean can also open up your emotional pathways, allowing you to better express yourself and understand your current state.


Another way that people have been using this precious stone is to bolster and add to their spiritual protection. Wearing a ring from our shop protects you from harmful energy and thoughts.

If you feel like you are having a tough time and your life isn't going in the direction you would prefer it to, a ring from our collection could be the answer you are looking for.


The rings in our shop offer more than just spiritual and emotional protection. Wearing a ring with Abalone inside can improve your physical health too. They can strengthen your heart health, your muscles, and can even relieve joint pain from disorders such as arthritis.

They also benefit your immune system and will allow you to absorb items like protein, calcium, and Vitamin D more efficiently.

Abalone Wedding Rings

Abalone makes a unique and personalized wedding ring. The protective and healing properties make it something special to wear daily.

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