About Us

Unique Rings are our passion!

When we started our business, we set out to create a customer-centric experience. We wanted to bring all the benefits of small business to our customers, but at no cost to the quality of our rings and the quality of our service.

We love to interact with our customers. In every aspect of our company, we provide a customer-focused experience, treating every order and every customer as a top priority. We want everyone who comes to us to enjoy every moment of the experience, and we love to go above and beyond to ensure they have that perfect wooden wedding bands they are looking for.

We are always available to handle our customers’ queries and concerns, to help them navigate our selections to find a perfect ring, or even to help them determine the proper ring size.

Reclaimed materials for environmentally-conscious production

What makes our ring selection so beautiful is its connection to the beautiful nature. So it wouldn’t make sense for us to promote natural connection without taking care to minimize our effect on the planet.

All of our rings are created with reclaimed or recycled materials. This not only enables us to be kind to our planet, but we believe it’s also what makes our rings so special. Natural materials lend their unique beauty, something that can’t be replicated in an artificial environment -- and you can see that elegance in our wood wedding rings.

From our family to yours!

We’re family owned and operated – and it’s a joy to share our passion with one another, and to share it with you. What we do and create is very special to us, and we pour our passion into every wooden wedding ring listed on our website.