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At Rings By Lux,  our commitment to quality, and customer satisfaction made us the customers' choice for wood wedding rings.

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Nature Inspired Jewelry by Rings By Lux

Every wood ring that leaves our shop, travels in a complimentary custom engraved wood box.  Let us know how we can make your box special during checkout. 

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Damascus steel rings with wooden inlay

Damascus steel has been around since the Middle Ages. The stories you hear of swords and equipment rediscovered some centuries later, still somehow preserved over time and in usable condition -- these are the swords made from Damascus steel, still ready to tell their tale and transcend the annals of time.

The original Damascus steel formula has since been lost over the years, but the formula used today blends a wealth of high-grade precious metals to create something unique with every batch. The use of Damascus steel in our wood wedding rings guarantees that no two rings are exactly alike. Each bears its own natural design.

Even beyond the exceptional qualities of the steel, the wooden inlays of these rings bear its own special story. Every ring has an inlay taken from real, operational whisky barrels. A white oak wood, the inlay in our Damascus steel rings brings a unique and rich natural color, and one that matures over time to create a truly breathtaking ring.

We spent over three years perfecting our Damascus steel ring design, and we are thrilled to finally present it to our customers. It’s a precious, unique gift, and one that will last you a lifetime.

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Tungsten carbide wood rings

Beauty and Strength. Singularity and Tradition. Comfort and Durability.

The tungsten carbide wood ring accomplishes a great deal in the way of marrying dichotomies. Unique and traditional, high-quality and affordable, stunning and durable, tungsten rings draw on the natural strength of tungsten and carbon to create a material whose strength is surpassed only by natural diamonds.

These tungsten rings are made to last you a lifetime, to see you through the challenges of everyday life and to withstand the effects of time right by your side.

We use a variety of reclaimed or recycled wood materials to create the wooden inlays in our tungsten carbide rings, lending an additional dimension to the uniqueness of every ring we create. No matter what ring you choose, it will be unlike any other ring in the world.

Additionally, the type of metal that we use for this ring and the nature of the wood that we use to create the inlay make our tungsten carbide rings a delightfully affordable option for your wooden wedding band. Your unique wood ring can fit comfortably into your life, and with its lifetime warranty you will never have to be concerned about the future of your investment.

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