Hammered Wedding Rings

Lots of our customers come to us for the same reason. They don't like the look of traditional silver and gold wedding bands, and we don't blame them. Traditional bands are often boring, overpriced, and mass-produced. For those that want a wedding band with a bit more....charisma, you can't go wrong with one of our Hammered wedding rings.

The unusual textures of a raw hammered wedding band... on the other hand, absolutely oozes charisma. Every wedding band is an individual too, so you know that you are not going to find another person with the same wedding band as you... it's impossible.

Hammered wedding rings are so popular because they are still very traditional in aesthetics. Compared to our more colorful rings like the Timascus or Turquoise, our hammered rings are a bit more subtle, with a tone that naturally matches most skin tones. Even though our hammered rings and wedding bands still remain in line with that traditional feel, they are still one of a kind.


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