Turquoise Wedding Rings

Turquoise has been a treasured gemstone for thousands of years; it dates back as far as 5500BC and was once more valuable than gold. Its unique opaque blue-to-green color has inspired art and can is found in palaces, jewelry, and ornaments across the globe. It has adorned the rich and powerful throughout history. It can be seen in Tutankhamun's burial mask in ancient Egypt, mosaic masks made by the Aztecs, and various essential ornaments in Persia, Mesopotamia, the Indus Valley, and even China.

It came to Europe on the Silk Road with many other treasures. The word turquoise comes from the French word turquios, meaning 'Turkish,' because the mineral first came to Europe through Turkey, from mines in historical Persia.

Throughout history, turquoise has been said to have purification properties. It dispels negative energy and can protect outside influences and pollutants. Turquoise is said to align and balance all the chakras and bringing inner calm and strength. It promotes self-knowledge as it assists innovation.

Turquoise is also said to by a symbol of friendship and has the ability to stimulate romantic love. Making turquoise the perfect material for a wedding band. We have designed our turquoise rings with care and precision to create something deserving of this beautiful and historic gemstone.


Our Collection

Turquoise Wedding Bands

 Blue in nature is incredibly rare. When it comes to animals, most achieve blue through microscopic structures in their skin, feathers, or fur, rather than an actual pigment. That is what makes turquoise so unique and may explain why it has been used to decorate royalty and symbolize religious or sacred meanings throughout history.

It is easy to see why we choose turquoise for the design of some of our wedding rings. True to the Lux style, it is natural and beautiful with a rich history. The blue is like a bright and exotic ocean; looking at the details of this gemstone is sure to inspire you as it has inspired generations before you.

Our rings containing turquoise have a turquoise inlay, wooden inlays, and a metal frame. This creates something that looks balanced, classy, and eye-catching, as well as being strong and durable. The turquoise adds something unique and eye-catching to your wedding band. A turquoise wedding ring is an especially popular choice for men who often end up with something plain for their wedding band. This is a great way to add some color and a wow-factor.

Turquoise and Wood Rings

Our Turquoise wedding bands or engagement rings come with inlays on either side of the turquoise. We have designed it this way to create something with balanced colors and textures. Most commonly, we use wood from whiskey barrels on one side and naturally shed antler on the other. All of our materials are recycled or reclaimed, and each piece is handmade with the utmost care to create something high-quality and unique.

Whiskey Barrel Wood

Whiskey barrels are usually made with American White Oak. This is a hardwood found in North America, and they have been known to live for over 450 years, reaching an impressive height. Although it is called white oak, it is usually a rich grey or brown with charred black lines. Barrels are also fire-roasted, which creates a stunning pattern often sought after by artists. This makes it a perfect material for your wedding band or engagement rings.

Naturally, Shed Antler

Deer naturally shed their antlers once a year. These marvelous formations of nature are used to attract mates and warn others of their prowess. They look beautiful in jewelry and are a perfect choice for wedding bands for men who want to feel close to nature and have something that holds power in their hands.

Ring Care

Although turquoise is a soft mineral, no special care is required for our wedding bands or engagement rings. That is because we use the mineral as an inlay, which we then place into hard metal and cover the ring in a special coating to protect it. As a result, you can simply wash your turquoise ring with soapy water to keep it clean.

Rings By Lux

We design and create each ring with love and care. We are a family-run business, and we are truly devoted to what we do. We aim to make wedding bands that people can treasure for the rest of their lives. Your turquoise ring will be beautiful, unique, and sturdy. The only thing we care about as much as our customers is the environment, and all of the materials we use are reclaimed or recycled.

A turquoise ring is an excellent choice for a wedding or engagement ring because it has been admired throughout the ages and has been associated with purification and love. The natural blue color is as striking as it is rare and will serve as a reminder for your love and commitment to your partner.