Naturally Shed, Antler Rings

Every Spring in almost every forest in the United States, a wonder of nature occurs. Male deer begin to sprout bizarre, twisting structures out of their head. You probably know these magical formations as antlers.

These twisting structures are not made of dead cells either, like with hair or a ram's horn. This structure is made from living cells. The marvelous branches continue to grow and become an impressive way of attracting a mate and keeping away other potential suiters. To help with this, they come in a range of shapes, sizes, and colors.

After the mating season, the velvet that covers the antlers begins to harden and peel away. Eventually, the Antlers fall off. Deer naturally shed their antlers after mating season and then re-grow them the following year. They fall off between December and April, depending on weather and hormones. If you are lucky, you may just stumble upon an impressive antler out in the forest during these months.

Once deer no longer have any use for their antlers, we can use the material to make an antler ring. A material once used to attract a mate and warn others of their prowess, holds a special energy. Perfect wedding rings for men who feel close to nature and want a piece of jewelry that is powerful as well as beautiful and unique.


Our Collection

Color and Pattern

Our deer antler rings come in a range of beautiful colors and patterns. This is because, in nature, individual antlers have natural artistic detail that inevitably becomes apart of your ring.

The color of deer antlers can be dependent on the age of the deer, and when they fall off. They range from white and grey to tan and brown. Some appear to have more of a solid color, while others have detailed swirling patterns.

When we create a ring with a deer antler, it is difficult for us to know what color and pattern will form. This is because the inside of the antler can be different from the outside. So while we can't make a promise on how exactly your ring will look, we can promise that it will be naturally beautiful and unique.

Do Deer Antler Rings last?

The antler is a very durable material when used as an inlay of a ring. We strengthen it before working it into the ring and seal it with enamel to stop water getting into it, to stop it from getting damaged. The outer edges of the ring will also be made from strong material like Tungsten or Rose-Gold. There is, therefore, no special care required, and you can wear it to wash your hands, shower, etc.

Deer Antler Wedding Rings

Some of the most popular designs for men's wedding bands are those containing an antler inlay. The appeal? Having something stunning to look at precisely because it has been engineered by nature to create something distinctive. They are a great conversation starter and will stand the test of time, both in style and durability.

Furthermore, when you purchase from us, each antler wedding band is created with care and precision to create something intricate and of the highest quality. We are truly passionate about what we do, and we want our work to be loved and cherished for many years to come. We understand the importance of a band that sits comfortably on your finger and connects to something deep inside of you. Whether that be a sense of wonder for nature or a primal energy, either way, your wedding ring should be strong, beautiful, and ready to stand the test of time.

Ring Size

We recommend that you have your ring finger measured at least twice. This will help to ensure the perfect fit. Be mindful of how you like to wear rings. Some people prefer them to sit tightly around their fingers while others prefer them to sit loose.

If you do end up with the wrong size, we will do our best to correct it. However, there will be a small shipping charge, so it is best to get it right to begin with. At the very least because when you receive your captivating ring, you will be reluctant to part with it.

Rings By Lux

We care about the earth as much as we care about our customers. When you order from us, you rest assured that our materials are all ethically sourced. We only use naturally shed antlers for our rings.

Furthermore, we have created some quirky designs that are sure to catch the eye of people around you. Many of our rings that contain a deer antler inlay also contain layers of Whiskey Barrel, Dionysus, and Turquoise. Not only does this create a durable and robust ring, but it also creates a ring with various colors and patterns. Using a variety of natural and ethically sourced materials captures an array of natural beauty in one piece of jewelry.

We take the stress out of choosing a wedding ring by providing something high-quality, beautiful, and affordable. We love to hear from our customers and our team of experts can offer advice and help you to make the right choice on a piece of jewelry that will be treasured and held close to someone's heart forever.