Ring Materials

At Rings, by Lux, every ring is hand-made with pride and care. We are committed to creating high-quality and unique rings that are environmentally friendly. We believe that the journey of your ring starts with the materials that are used. Therefore, all of our materials are recycled or reclaimed. We only use timber that has fallen naturally, or we salvage both woods and metals from historical buildings or managed plantations.

The combination of soft materials, like wood and gemstone, along with strong metals like tungsten carbide, creates something as beautiful as it is strong. We generally use more delicate materials as inlays and cover them in enamel to protect them. We want your ring to last a lifetime.

We use a combination of materials found naturally across the world. Every piece of material we use has a rich history, which gives our rings their charm. What journey will you take your ring on?



We use strong metals to ensure that our rings are loved and treasured for years to come. Many people choose our rings as their wedding rings, and so you need them to be suitable for daily use. Whether you work in construction or as a lumberjack, our rings are sturdy and ready to take on whatever you throw at them. 


 Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten carbide is known for its robustness; it is stronger than steel and has the highest melting point of all the known elements. It is used in military applications, radiation shielding, and jewelry. Its toughness makes it difficult to work with, but it is worth it to create something durable that will be able to keep up with the trials of everyday life.   

Damascus Steel

Damascus steel is made by slowly heating, twisting, and folding layers of different metals to create vivid patterns. The wave-like design makes this material as beautiful as it is strong. This metalwork technique was first used in modern-day India to make swords. The quality of these weapons was unparalleled, and they were traded across the world. Ancient techniques were lost, and it is difficult to imagine how such an advanced material was being created as far back as 900AD.  However, modern techniques are similar and create pieces of art that are just as beautiful.



Wooden rings are crafted using materials from deep within forests, each having a unique legacy. We never cut down trees to source our wood. The majority comes from repurposed whiskey barrels or parts of old buildings, such as the flooring and staircases.



Whiskey Barrel

We source a lot of our wood from whiskey barrels, once used to age whiskey, they look stunning in jewelry. Whiskey barrels are usually made from American White Oak. These trees can live for over 450 years and reach an impressive size. The wood has a closed cellular structure, which is water-resistant and durable. Although they are called white oak, the wood is a rich golden color with charred black lines. This is because barrels are fire-roasted, creating an incredible pattern that is sort after by artists as well as furniture and jewelry makers.



Ironwood is a term used for high-density hardwoods. We find the toughest and most attractive pieces of wood that we can for our rings.

Koa wood

Koa wood comes from a flowering tree that is native to Hawaii. It is the second most common tree on the Hawaii Islands, and yet it grows nowhere else. Koa in the Hawaiian language means bold, brave, fearless, or warrior. The tree is considered sacred and has an honored heritage, while the wood is admired for its varied patterns and rich colors.

Wenge wood

Wenge wood is a tropical wood that originates in Africa. It is a dark wood with prominent stripes; its attractive pattern, along with its hard and heavy properties make it perfect for flooring and staircases. Wenge wood is endangered and has a long history of exploitation. Consequently, we feel it is our duty to save it from the scrap heap and create beautiful jewelry.



Snakewood is harvested from a small and rare tree in central and South America. It is known for its deep red color and snakeskin pattern. The utmost care must be taken when working with this wood as it can split easily. Our master jewelry makers protect all of our rings with strong enamel so that you can be confident that whatever material you choose, your ring will be strong.



Sapele is primarily found in West Africa, and trees can grow up to 60 meters tall. It is a hardwood that is similar to mahogany and is prized for its bright colors that range from light pink and red to brown and gold. It has long been used in furniture, instruments, boats, and luxury flooring.




Zebrawood describes several types of wood that have a striped pattern. Throughout history, it has been traded, primarily by the British Empire, who transported it across the world from Africa. African legend attributes its stripped and wave-like patterns to the pull of the moon, infusing the wood with cosmic energy.



Other Natural Materials

We love using beautiful woods for the inlays of our rings. However, sometimes we also want to offer a bit of color. Here is a list of the other natural and environmentally friendly sourced materials we use. 


Abalone Shell

Abalone shell comes from the exoskeleton of a sea creature similar to an oyster. Native Americans have long harvested it for its beauty, as well as its protective and healing properties. Abalone naturally comes in a range of bright greens and blues and is spectacularly reflective in natural light due to the complex layers inside the material. With every abalone ring, we make a donation to an ocean clean-up foundation and a turtle rescue movement.


Naturally, Shed Antler

Male deer naturally shed their antlers every year. These twisting and impressive structures create a grey material that looks amazing against the colors of wood and other natural substances that we use for our rings. A material that was used to attract a mate and warn others of their power holds a special energy. Perfect for someone who wants to feel close to nature but also wants to wear something as powerful as it is beautiful.


Bello Opal

Opal has inspired people across the world, but it is primarily found in Australia. According to aboriginal legend, the creator came down to Earth on a rainbow and the stones where he stood absorbed all the colors, creating opal. This unique gemstone still fascinates us, and in 2008 it became one of the few gemstones to be found away from Earth when it was found on Mars. Opal is said to aid creativity and mystical vision and guide you in times of change. Our opal is sustainably harvested, lab grown opal from Japan.  This gets you all of the benefits of the perfect fired opal without the 4-5 digit price tag.  They are so good, there are high end jewelers that can not tell the difference.



Turquoise has been treasured for thousands of years and was once more valuable than gold. It has been worn by the rich and powerful throughout history, including the accident Egypt and the Aztecs. This may be because of the rarity of blue in nature. It is said to have purification properties, dispelling negative energy, and protecting people from pollutants.



We also offer a range of finishes for our rings. This creates a variety of designs and colors so that you can find something that is perfect for you. These include:


  • Rose Gold
  • Yellow Gold
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Gunmetal
  • Coffee


How to Choose a Ring

With so many beautiful rings to choose from, it can be challenging to find the right one. Especially if you are looking for something that you want to be able to wear every day for the rest of your life like a wedding ring. Our best advice is to consider what materials you like and browse through our collection until you find something that calls out to you.

If you need any help choosing a ring, then please contact us, we love to hear from our customers. We reinforce all of our rings to make sure that they can keep up with you. So whatever ring you choose, you can be confident that when you order from us, you are getting something that is high-quality and has been handmade with love and care.