August 09, 2020 3 min read

Unique Proposal Ideas

From the seven and a half billion people on the planet, you have found someone you want to be with for the rest of your life, what a magical thing! But planning the perfect proposal can be a little overwhelming. You want to show your partner how much they mean to you and create a memory that you will both treasure for the rest of your life.

Deciding how to propose comes down to you, consider your relationship and your personalities, and what makes sense for you. Whether you choose to propose surrounded by thousands of people at a football game, or in an intimate moment in your living room. The end result is, hopefully, the same. They say yes, and you spend the rest of your life devoted to each other.

The Perfect Ring

The first thing to consider when deciding how to propose is the perfect ring. Wedding rings symbolize eternity and give you something tangible to represent your union. At Rings by Lux, we use all-natural and recycled materials, and so each piece is unique. The materials we choose give each piece a special meaning, that and they are all eco-friendly—what a perfect way to begin the rest of your lives.

Unique Proposal Ideas

Stone circle proposal - If you are into ancient ruins or holy sites, then a stone circle might be a great place to propose. It doesn't need to be Stonehenge, there are small circles where you may be able to get some alone time too. If you enjoy meditation, then you could both meditate in the stone circle, and when the person you are proposing to open their eyes, you could get down on one knee, ready to put the ring on their finger.

Holiday proposal - Book a trip to a favorite destination, or somewhere on your bucket list. Be sure to keep the ring in your hand luggage to make sure it doesn't get lost. Consider what they enjoy, it could be a sunset on the beach, on top of a mountain, on a boat to a secluded island, or even stargazing.

Scavenger hunt proposal - Every good relationship has plenty of in-jokes and special memories that no one else understands. Turn this into a scavenger hunt and leave clues for your partner to find. It could be in the house or all-around your local area, and you could even get some of your friends and family in to help. The final thing she will find could be you down on one knee, ready to pop the question.

Airport wedding proposal - Another great way to propose is at the airport. If you are collecting them from a flight, you could have a sign with a Mr/Mrs with a question mark. There is always a big crowd who will cheer and make it unique. Or if you want to propose while on an airplane, the air hostesses are usually happy to help.

Hot air balloon proposal - Make sure that your partner never forgets the experience, with a balloon ride. Popping the question while up in the air will create a secluded and intimate experience.

Fairground proposal - Anywhere with rides could be a great mix of adrenaline and excitement! While something like the dodgems probably isn't the best idea, a Ferris wheel could be a great place to propose. You could also ask their family and friends to be waiting at the bottom to ensure that the moment is extraordinary.

Fake photo proposal - Head to somewhere special, like your favorite restaurant or park, and ask if someone can take a photo of you. If you can, you can secretly ask them to make a video instead. When you pull out a ring, the moment will be captured forever.

Skydiving proposal - As if skydiving wasn't action-packed enough, consider holding a banner with the words will you marry me?' as you both fall. Just make sure adrenaline is her thing as otherwise, it could be quite an overwhelming combination!

Marathon proposal - If your partner is training for anything like a marathon, you could be waiting at the finish line with a big sign asking them to marry you.

Escape room proposal - Staff will usually want to help you to create a unique proposal one way or another. There could be extra clues, it could be written somewhere, or a sign could be on show once you have escaped. However, the times ticking so the pressure will be on!

How to Decide

It can be challenging to decide between proposal ideas. One idea could be to speak to your partner's friends and family first, they might be able to help you decide. Whatever you choose, it will be a moment to remember and will mark the beginning of your new journey together.