"Circe" Whiskey Barrel X Copper Ring

These all wood rings are truly awesome, but please keep in mind these are as natural as it gets. What this means is that while these rings can be worn all day everyday, they will show wear, and develop character over time. For example, the copper strip will oxidize (which is why we personally love it), so it could turn greenish (it can be rubbed/scratched off, and a new more mature copper finish is born), and scratch, and everything else that can happen with copper. These are not meant to be a pretty perfect ring, these rings build serious character as they age, and it is just something that we want to put out there. We want you to be completely happy, and if super natural, off the beaten path is you, look no further. These rings stay on our fingers these days. :)

About the Ring:

This ring is the product of over a year of design work. We wanted to make sure that every detail of the ring was perfect before releasing it. The result is a natural whisky barrel wood ring with a copper inlay, delivered in a custom engraved antiqued rosewood box. This ring is a natural gem!


Why Choose Us for Your Wood Wedding Ring?

- Very Customer Friendly Business
- No wear restrictions like the competition.
- We have a charitable mission
- We have over 5,000 reviews of 5*
- We promise to take the stress out of wedding planning

Ring Sizing

Our rings are based on comfort fit sizing. We recommended having your ring finger measured at least twice to make sure that you get the appropriate size. In the case of the wrong size ring, we will do our best to make it right, but there will be a small shipping charge to make the exchange. 

We recommend ordering a half size small.

Also, please keep in mind that ring sizing is more art than science.  Any given finger may be able to comfortably span a full size.  Some (myself included) prefer a looser fit, where it will not fall off, but it will never put the squeeze on as finger sizes change during the day.  One thing we promise, is that we will make sure that you get what works best for you!

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