"Poseidon" Hammered Timascus Ring


Timascus rings are the result of hours of hard work forging Titanium alloys together under heat and pressure. After they have been forged, they are then shaped into a rod and twisted multiple times, giving you that folded line pattern. This forms the lines that you can see in all Timascus wedding bands.

When heat is applied at the end stages of the rings creation, the Titanium alloys react to the heat. During this reaction, those alloys produce a variety of different hues and colors, giving the bands their colorway and pattern.

Please note that these are not machine made, these are handmade, hand hammered, and hand heated.  As a result, they will each be unique, and while the shape will be perfect, the colors will vary, and the pics are a good representation of the range.  

These are incredible rings.  They are very rare, very time consuming to create, and they can pick up scratches and patina over time.  Surface scratches will show the un-heat treated silver color of the titanium below.  

Each ring is delivered in a handmade rosewood box.


Why Choose Us for Your Wood Wedding Ring?

- Very Customer Friendly Business
- No wear restrictions like the competition.
- We have a charitable mission
- Each Ring comes with a custom engraved rosewood wood box
- We have over 5,000 reviews of 5*
- We promise to take the stress out of wedding planning

Ring Sizing

Our rings are based on comfort fit sizing. We recommended having your ring finger measured at least twice to make sure that you get the appropriate size. In the case of the wrong size ring, we will do our best to make it right, but there will be a small shipping charge to make the exchange. 


Also, please keep in mind that ring sizing is more art than science.  Any given finger may be able to comfortably span a full size.  Some (myself included) prefer a looser fit, where it will not fall off, but it will never put the squeeze on as finger sizes change during the day.  One thing we promise, is that we will make sure that you get what works best for you!

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Chris Milligan
Just plain AWESOME

What a fabulous ring! The look and feel are great. I have everyone asking about it when the see it on my finger. A great replacement ring to my lost wedding band. Would highly recommend.


Beautiful ring...strong and very well made!!!! 😊😊

Amazing rings that are comfortable and interesting

They feel fantastic on my fingers and it's hard to resists the urge to touch or think about them throughout the day =) Shipping was as if The Flash, himself, took priority to get my ring in my hands as quickly as possible. Got 2 rings in one day, both are perfect in every way. SO happy! Weddings or not these are purely stylish AF

Libby Cole
Wonderful gift ❤️

Husband loves his new ring.


I’ve never personally owned a ring in my 27 years, but I’ve had my eyes on titanium rings for awhile now. This ring is a work of art. You can feel that you’re wearing something really special and unique. Love it